RA Digital Design Marketing Strategy

RA Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy for R A Digital Design.

The primary function of the R A Digital Design website is to gain freelance work and or full-time work I will create posts on my social media platforms

Facebook – Post will be made public, the tone of voice to be casual, Post to have an image of the homepage and say “Hey checkout my portfolio website” – Looking for work, please feel free to contact me

Facebook Groups – Create a post in the following groups I belong to

Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine

Melbourne Creative Networks

Design and Creative Technology Student Community

Instagram – Create a post of my animated banner with a link to my website with hashtags #digtalmedia #digitaldesign #motiongraphics #webdesign #adobeCeativeSuite #UX-UIdesign #Photograpgy #videoContent #design  

LinkedIn – Tone of voice more professional, create a post with a link to the URL, may use an animated banner or a still image from my gallery. LinkedIn an important platform to gain professional work.

Update business cards to reflect new web address

Update CV to reflect current studies and add URL link to website.

Each time I create new content I will post on all 3 social media platforms with a link to my website.

Update my bio across all social media platforms to include URL for R A Digital Design.

Update the Street Wise Education website to link back to R A Digital Design. (I currently work as a video content producer at Street Wise Education)

Create a gif animation for advertising across social media channels.